Monday Inspiration

This week’s inspiration;


ONE// De Laval PROductivity Tour @ World Dairy Expo



Guys (& Ladies), I am so excited! De Laval has invited me to Madison, Wisconsin to join them at the World Dairy Expo for their De Laval PROductivity Tour, and to also give a short presentation on Women and Youth in Agriculture! Can’t wait to see as they further their new brand promise ‘We Live Milk‘ as well as their partnership with the Dairy Girl Network during their networking event at the Expo!

TWO// Youth Ag Summit 2017

I am so excited to apply for this! Every two years they hold this summit in various locations and invite/sponsor young adults to come together to talk agriculture and figure out how we are going to continue to feed a growing world population. The idea, to inspire the next generation of agricultural visionaries!! Mark it on your calendars and don’t forget to apply!

THREE// Advancing Women in Ag Conference

Last year I had the privilege to attend the very first ever Eastern Advancing Women in Ag Conference, and WOW! It was honestly amazing, and the women were so inspiring; not a single moment was wasted (Check out my recap from last year’s conference here!). I’ve again been invited to attend the conference with Dairy Farmers of Canada based on an essay submission I wrote a few weeks ago & I hate to admit it but my outfits are already pre-picked and half packed and it’s still a full week before I leave!

FOUR// Magazine Project

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Last thing on the docket this week is a project I’ve had in mind for a while, agovocacy techniues that don’t require the use of social media. Online methods of outreach and education have nearly overtaken the ways in which we interact with our consumers, but not everyone is completely comfortable posting such personal information.

Tip #1: Take your old farming magazines and bring them to your next appointment. Doctors, dentists, hair stylists, and veterinarian clinics are all great places to donate your old magazines!

FIVE//Home Free

Ok, enough work time for some fun! I heard of these guys a couple months back when their first few videos came out on Youtube but when they appeared on my Facebook feed again this week I just had to catch up on what they’d been doing. Phenomenal work by this crew! Love how they incorporate spouses & family into their videos occasionally, great touch that keeps it real. Also, it is ridiculous how much the main singer in this video, Austin, reminds me of my dad!! (Like doppelganger levels!)

Who will you inspire?


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