Monday Inspiration

One// Amanda Hehli


If you’re looking for some new inspiration on Instagram, look no further! Check out Amanda Hehli’s profile that includes amazing farm photos that incorporate her family, friends, and farm in a way that is just so genuine & fresh. Awesome work!

Two// Manitoba Extends Non-Quota Chicken Production

Prior to now Manitoba had been operating where a small chicken farmer could produce 999 meat birds a year without having to buy into the quota program. This is compared to Ontario’s policy that stands at 300. They’ve now extended that to 10,000 kg (Approx. 2756 (8)pound birds, compared with an Ontario program which allows up to 3,000 with proper registration and an implemented tax instead of quota). I think this a fantastic step in the right direction and an excellent way to merge the interests of small, family farmers and integrate them into the same management umbrella as the quota system.

Three// FCC Forum Event


This is an event I attended last year when they had Arlene Dickinson and Jon Montgomery as two of their speakers and I have to admit, it was life changing. I’d never heard either of their personal stories, despite following both of their current careers and it was eye opening to see the different backgrounds. I just registered for the next FCC Forum event which will be taking place on Tuesday, December 6th and I am so excited!!

Four// Young Farmer Bear Pit at the Agricultural Excellence Conference

Super stoked to see that extra attention and effort is being put into succession planning and connecting young farmers. Sounds like it will be a great conference, so if you’re in the Calgary area¬†end of November 22-24th check it out!

Five// Philip DeFranco on Youtube

I’ve been follow Phil for a couple of years now but didn’t end up keeping up with his videos for quite some time. I’ve recently been getting back to watch his videos on a semi-regular basis and I have to say I love how he’s continued to grow since the last time I watched. Great content, love his delivery style, and he keeps a grounded yet educated, open-minded point of view on each story as he presents it.

Who will you inspire today?


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