Monday Inspiration

Confession, this weeks inspiration is a little random! Today was a lazy day with a bit of goofing off and a lot of just checking out some random stuff. A little urban, a little rural, and a little weird <3

One//Kids Collection; Mini Boden inspired by Roald Dakl

One of the absolute sweetest kids collections inspired by classic children’s books. The uniqueness of each piece & detailing that went into putting each mini-collection together is absolutely mind blowing, a must see if only for the ‘aw’ factor!

Two// A Picture Guide to Sheep & Goat Production

Contents A Picture Guide To Sheep & Goat Production

Being half way through the growth to market weight for my chickens I’m already looking at the next step to expansion, and being restricted with limited space and start up capital it seems like the next natural step will be into sheep. A sweet and simple online tool to help get my first few steps inspired!

Three//Jenna Marbles; Weird & confident!

Now, I know most of you won’t care for this particular link but I’ve been revisiting a lot of my old likes on Youtube and came across Jenna Marbles. In a time when I’ve been feeling unsure of myself and the next steps I’ll be taking, seeing this woman who is so creative, and so sure of herself, that she decides to go ahead and shave her eyebrows is, well, kinda cool! Now I won’t be going and shaving mine any time soon, but I love that she doesn’t apologize and does what she wants, even if its just to try something new for the heck of it!

Four//Planet Earth II

May potentially have to go back and re-watch the first sometime this week! I think it’s so important to broaden your horizons, continuously try to learn new things, and the videography is impeccable!

Five//Organic Farmer Mentors Interns

As a young person trying to get into farming I always love seeing people step up as mentors and leaders. Think back to when you first started out, and how great it was (or would have been!) to have someone there to guide you in your first steps. People who are truly passionate will always find a way to follow their dreams, but having that support and mentoring can take a few unneeded bumps out of the road. Wishing I lived a little closer though!

Who will you inspire today?

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