Monday Inspiration

One//Ontario Young Farmers Forum

Ready for another adventure?! I’ve mentioned on Facebook, Twitter etc, but so excited to share it here with you now, I’ve been invited down to Toronto on November 21st to lead a breakout session at the Ontario Young Farmers Forum addressing our use of social media in Agvocacy. What I love about this is it isn’t just a speech, it is truly reflective of social media as we’ll be engaging the audience in the conversation getting questions, feedback & ideas! I can’t wait to see everyone there and don’t forget to check out my events page to see what other events I’ll be at!

Two// 5th Annual Canadian Food & Drink Summit

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It looks like another busy month with the Royal, Ontario Young Farmers Forum and the FCC Forum in early December, but I’m highly considering making another trip down to Toronto November 28-29th to check out the Canadian Food & Drink Summit. Farming often has it’s own community and networking system within itself, but our finished product, food & food products, are where we naturally connect with out consumers.

Three//Teacher Appreciation


Four//Netflix Original Glitch

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One of the few series I’ve really enjoyed watching over the past couple years, sat down & watched the entire first season in a single day. 6 people come back from the dead trying to piece together memories of their past lives & to figure out why and how it happened. Won’t give out any spoilers but I can’t wait for the second season!

Five//Jimmy Fallon & Melissa McCarthy lip-sync off!

I legitimately almost diiied laughing while watching this, these two are hilarious!

What will inspire you today?


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