Monday Inspiration

It happened again, I get so caught up in my daily life & life on the farm I forgot to post regularly until eventually out of the blue someone comes along and tells me how great my blog is and how much they enjoy my posts.  Of course my reaction is always “What? …really?! People actually read this?” I don’t know why this is always so surprising to me, but this has inspired me to try and get back to the roots of my writing.

Sometimes I have a lot of trouble posting frequently, mostly due to the busy nature of farming but probably also due to the fact that all of my best thinking is done while I’m in the barn; I can be stacking hay, or going through the morning milking and I’ll come up with a brilliant idea only to have my hands full, and chores whose timelines are being dictated by hungry animals! So this is it, a kick off with new determination to share more of my inspired moments with you!

This week’s Monday Inspiration :

ONE//My Birthday Weekend (& Cupcakes!!)


Yup, you heard it right! My birthday was this week & I was surprised with an amazing sampling of some cupcakes from V’s Cupcakes in Manotick. Her red velvet was to absolutely kill for!

TWO//Living on One Dollar


I managed to get myself out of my routine of going straight to ‘Suits’ on Netflix & decided to give this documentary a go. A team of 4 college students move to Guatemala for two months, living on just a dollar a day per person. Loved it, not only does it make you re-evaluate the true value of ‘things’ but it also shows how people come together when all that’s left is survival and trying to better your lives.

THREE//Laurel Lea Farms


A huge congratulations to Ms. Kelsey for her front page feature in the Ontario Farmer! She is an amazing young woman I met just this past spring at the Ottawa Valley Farm Show, and I have been following her progress ever since! She has done, and continues to do amazing things for bringing awareness to agriculture. Check out her farm’s Facebook page!

FOUR//Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show


Mark your calendars, Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show will be held September 13-15th 2016! As always, I’m looking forward to it & think that this year is going to be even better than the last!

FIVE//Sing Trailer


A movie that can essentially be boiled down to an animated version of ‘America’s Got Talent’. Yes, I’m totally one of those people who will still go to the theaters to see an animated film well into their adulthood, but it’s coming out Christmas & boy does this look good!!

What’s inspiring you this week?


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