Monday Inspiration

ONE//3D Printers

I’ve been moderately obsessed with 3D printers for a couple of weeks now. I’m horrible at drawing on physical paper, so it’s interesting how you can bring art to life digitally. Did you know they can even make these ‘sculptures’ out of chocolate?! Whaaat?! In love!


Ok ok, so a lot of video inspiration this week! In this case I gave into my nerdy side & seriously loved this online game trailer! No idea what the game is about, and to be honest I probably won’t go any further than admiring their trailer, but adored the graphics and creature characters!

THREE//The Canadian Farm Learning Centre

Retiring Farmer

Still exploring the site a bit & getting familiar with the courses they offer but from what I can tell so far I think it has the potential to be a great resource! When Kemptville College shut down in the Ottawa area it took a lot of opportunities away from young farmers looking to get a formal education, and as I begin looking for new avenues of education these online options open up some very welcome doors!

FOUR//Temple Grandin

Image result for temple grandin hbo

I feel like I’m so behind in watching this! I’ve known of this woman and her work in slaughter houses, and I can recognize her visually but I had no idea about her life story or was exactly that all entailed. I totally teared when she put herself in the cattle chute to calm herself, when she went through her ‘door’, when she praised her mother in raising her to manage her autism… let’s just say multiple tear moments. One of the best movies/documentaries I’ve seen in a while!

FIVE//Foodies Kill Their Food

WARNING: Do NOT watch at work or if you have a weak stomach! While I’m not a vegetarian by any means I do place a high emphasis on respecting the life of all living things. I love how this short video placed such a high importance on an animals life, but still made no excuses for the fact that they were raised to be food. Even as a farmer though, I teared up. With my chickens sent to the butcher just last week I know how hard it is to take responsibility for the decision to end an animals life & it’s not something to be taken lightly. What are the chances that I happened to watch this & the documentary on Temple Grandin at the same time?!

Who will you inspire?


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