November Wrap Up

This month has had some great highlights!

I started off with a coffee tour, my not so secret networking tactic to bribe my way into meeting local farmers. I met some amazing people, saw some great farms, & learned more than I can remember. My gun licence finally came in, which quickly inspired my first ever trip to the shooting range! I like to think I didn’t embarrass myself too much 😛


A little spontaneous Christmas decorating (tree to come!), some Black Friday spending, & driving down to Kingston to meet with friends to attend the latest FCC Forum event was the perfect wrap up for the month! This little lady got to see Jon Montgomery & Arlene Dickinson present, & even managed to snap a photo with the Dragon’s Den star! Arlene has always been a role model in my mind, but despite considering myself a ‘fan’ I never knew the details of her story and how she fought to make a life and a name for herself. I related 100%; from moving around as a kid, being a young single mother with no real formal education, struggling to find something she’s good at. Pro-tip when attending conferences though… always remember to switch out of your mucky barn boots!


& now, I am so ready to hibernate.

Rushing inside from the chill, that mad stomp trying to get the feeling back in your toes from being out in the barn; Fuzzy blankets, warm fires, smell of hot chocolate & Eggnog, watching ‘White Christmas’ for the 54th time & that wild feeling of do-good-for-others. The snow has been holding off on us & despite my usual aversion to the cold, this Canadian girl is ready to see a little white ♥


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