October Wrap Up

You know what’s really hard?

Starting a blog post after being away from the computer for nearly a month.

No, seriously. You’re chugging along, things are going great (and they are!) & you think you have everything under control until BAM! You’re schedule explodes into what feels like an improve dance to bohemian rhapsody with cows, selfies & sparkle confetti everywhere. So at this point I think I’m just going to go ahead, admit my flaws (actually let’s not get crazy, I’ll admit the obvious one; sporadic procrastination) & let loose the insane that was October.

Back in July I was on the train headed to Quebec City for the International Farm Management Congress & I remember being soooo excited thinking ‘Does it get any better than this?!’ The answer, a resounding yes. Since then I’ve completed my first two 5km runs in support of war veterans & breast cancer, I visited the International Plowing Match, went down to Toronto to see the Outdoor Farm Show, attended the Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference, went on a farm tour, a local feed store’s grand opening, signed up for a course in university for Social Entrepreneurship & some how survived this years harvest season to boot! I’ve been reaching out over social media more & more to connect with other fellow unicorns who are just as passionate about Agriculture as I am & along the way I learned something… people actually read my blog. What?!

Crazy right? So there’s my Monday update as scramble to buy myself some time to put together a few more posts for the week.

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I hope everyone had a fabulous & safe Halloween this year, & happy harvest!


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