Ottawa 5km Army Run 2015

My legs hurt, my back hurts, my shoulders hurt, my brain hurts… & I couldn’t feel more accomplished.

Technically this was an ‘easy’ weekend that included a 4 day weekend & 0-hours at the barn.

But it also included a day trip to Toronto for Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show (updates on the show to come Wednesday!), & running in my first race, Ottawa’s 5km Army Run!


I was talked into joining by a friend back in June & promptly began my training, dedicating myself to run at least 2km every day… surprisingly this even lasted 3 weeks!! Frankly, I’m shocked it lasted that long, & pretty soon I was replacing my runs times with overdue naps.  I’m so glad I stuck to running the race itself though, as it was an amazing experience.

Army Run

This race was run in memory of my Great-Great Grandfather, Major Samuel James Bothwell, a Canadian General of the 66th Battalion who served & died on April 9th 1917 at Vimy Ridge. He was an amazing father to two sons & a daughter, my great-grandma, as well as being a remarkable solider having been awarded the Kinds & Queens medals.

It was a small tribute running in his honor but I’m so glad more people were able to see his name. I was so surprised that more people didn’t opt to wear back signs, running in honor of someone,  but the true strength is in their attendance & showing their support. Over 4,000 people ran in support of our Canadian Troops!

Proud to be Canadian.


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