Ottawa Valley Farm Show 2015


The Rural & Urban worlds are seemingly complimenting each other for once; as ‘Fashion Month’ comes to its conclusion various farming oriented conferences and shows are opening and prep for the spring planting commences.

Between extra shifts & long days at the office I managed to take a night off at the barn to sneak in and see the Ottawa Valley Farm Show last week. Scott was bribed to be my date with a impromptu supper from Subway eaten on the tailgate of his truck (I know, I spoil my man :P) and we made for the EY convention centre. My country man can’t seem to wrap his head around the idea of paying for parking so he had me walking the razor’s edge of the law as we snuck into the reserved free parking… that’s right ladies, I got myself a bad boy ;).

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I had tons of fun though, from Delaval giving us a demo of their automatic milker to Kubota engaging their audience through Ipad games & free merch prizes. and did you see that pink tractor toddler bike?! Adorb!

The best part though was the people; we went in on the basis that we are slowly looking for start-up opportunities and it was the first time I’d ever actually engaged anyone to answer any of my questions, and I loved it! First we spoke with Pam & Elwood at Rare Breeds Canada and before we knew it we got caught up in discussion for 40 minutes! This pair was amazing and between our conversation about Joel Salatin and Adam Hensen, we got to hear about Elwood’s family dairy farm that dated back to the early 1840’s and heard their opinions on food sovereignty. I couldn’t agree with their pro-active stance more and they provided a great glimpse into the politics behind farming (It really was an eye opener and a little bit scary too!)

Next I got to meet Mark, Manager of the Casselman Farm Credit Canada office and got to speak with him about the financial start-up opportunities (or the lack of), support for farm planning and programs for start-ups. No doubt, a great listener that offers innovative, individualized solutions! A little further down the line & around the corner I found Jeannette, who turned out to be a farmer at Bleuetière Hector Dignard & Fils one town over from me and a board member of the Agricultural Management Institute and director with Farm Management Canada and Farm Management Canada Executive Director Heather Watson. These two women got me really wound up for the 20th International Farm Congress that will be taking place July 2015 in Quebec City! Best part, you can win tickets by submitting a 1-minute video concerning their theme question “How are you practicing healthy agricultural management on your farm?“. Needless to say, I’m stoked & can’t even begin to describe my excitement! Even if you’re not going I’d check out their website for a list of their speakers and their topics, as this is certainly such a wide & diverse topic that can apply to farmers, producers, & consumers on a daily basis! The healthier our food the healthier our environment, and the healthier we are in turn!

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