Outfit Inspiration: A Country Twist on Formal & Casual

 Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think ‘country’ is the most diverse & universal style. Sounds contradicting I know, but hear me out! No matter the occasion, you can always look and appear country, and by integrating pieces from other genres of style & fashion there are always new facets of country being created. It is so easy to make it your own, & statement pieces abound, even in pop-culture!


Day 4- B

1. Shirt from Anthropologie, 2. Skirt from Anthropologie, 3. Earrings from Anthropologie, 4. Ring from Anthropologie,

5. Clutch from Colors by Liza via Etsy, 6. Shoes from ShopHopes

You can take the girl out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the girl. This intriguing mix of Chambray, tulle, pearl & a pop of colour is not only inspiring by itself, but perfectly reflects the southern belle of country.

Day 5

1. Shirt from BassPro, 2. Pants from BassPro, 3. Hat from BassPro, 4. Earrings from Just Camo, 5. Ring from Gun Powder Woman via Etsy,

6. Necklace from Wired Out Designs via Etsy, 7. Boots from BassPro

This year alone Costello Tagliapietra, Ashish, Bluegirl, & Saint Laurent have all played with their country-side, experimenting with one of our signature staples… camo! As the song goes, you can blend in in the country, or stand out in the fashion world! But this country girl will never forget her sparkle to stand out in both!

Day 6.

1. Tweed Jacket from Dubarry, 2. Olympia Breeches from Ariat, 3. Calgary Boots from Ariat, 4. Blouse from Dubarry, 5. Monogram Bracelet from Tuckernuck,

6. Lauren Saddle Bag from Tuckernuck, 7. Pearl Earrings from Tuckernuck, 8. Pearl Necklace from Tuckernuck

After showcasing various facets of ‘country’, we’ve come full circle back to a classic, professional outfit with a heavy equestrian style that ties in both form and functionality with style & class.

Day 7.

1. Top from Closet Candy, 2. Jeans from Closet Candy, 3. Boots from Closet Candy, 4. Earrings from Inbalmishan via Etsy,

5. Bow Bracelet from Closet Candy, 6. Layered Necklace from Inbalmishan via Etsy

An energetic mix of colour, print & country, this outfit screams southern cowgirl to me. This would be a great outfit to get out ‘n kick some dust up in!

I hope you loved these outfits as much as I did putting them together,


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