Monday Inspiration

ONE//Covet Fashion Update

Adoring the new update for Covet Fashion that highlights natural body shapes. It was a controversial move judging by the comments on Facebook, but I love not only the statement it makes supporting all women body types and encouraging confidence and fashion for all, but also how it changes the game play. It provides a challenge unique to realistic styling, not just barbie dolls. I do miss the old dolls and hope that eventually they’ll make more of a recurrence for regular challenges but that being my only qualm I’m thrilled with the new update!

TWO//The Making of Sound Effects

Foley is the art of creating sound effects which help tell the stories in motion pictures and television. Check out this behind the scenes footage at the Warner Brothers lot, as foley artists partnered with Great Big Story, create the Sounds Of Weather. Don't miss some of your favorite stories from "That's Amazing," Sunday at 9:00pET.

Posted by The Weather Channel Originals on Friday, January 27, 2017

Having put quality photography and video as one of my New Years Resolutions and areas of focus for this year I found this video really cool! I didn’t realize how much work actually went into the sound quality of a film and what a difference this actually makes for the viewers enjoyment. Definitely something to keep in mind!

THREE//New Chick Hatchery in Ontario

My family has been ordering our chicks from the same producer, Frey’s Hatchery, for the past 15 years. Now, whether that’s going to change or not I can’t say but I am super excited to hear that there is going to be a new hatchery in Ontario!

FOUR//Food Freedom Day

Image result for food freedom day
Kind of dropped the ball on this one, but February 8th was Food Freedom Day. I find this initiative really interesting, and did some calculating myself. They say the avg. Canadian spends 10.7% of their income on food. But coming from a single parent family, who also has a non-supporting partner over quite often (say 1/2 the time) I actually ended up spending about 20% of my take home income on food. This means I would have to work until mid-march to earn what I spent on food, and we’re not even there yet! I find this program interesting because is it accurate to the average Canadian? or is it actually a bench mark of where we should be? Is this a sustainable rate of spending for Canadians? Does it represent access to fresh, healthy, local foods?

FIVE//Farm & Food Care Conference

Conference 2017
The Farm & Food Care Conference will be taking place in Burlington this year on Thursday, April 13th! Really excited about this because it provides that link between farmers and food, which in my opinion is a critical piece in educating and engaging our consumers. Not everyone farms, but everyone eats and that’s a common ground we have to emphasis and focus on.
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My 2017 New Years Resolutions- Finally!

Now this might seem a little silly due to the fact that it’s nearly mid-February, but I wanted to nail down my New Years Resolutions. I read so many great posts from friends, family and fellow bloggers but trying to juggle my new job with the local Agricultural Society while still working at the barn, I was too busy to really sit down and find that Zen mind frame I feel is really needed when trying to plan your future goals. You have to really know what you want and how to get there, and that’s not easy!

Displaying IMG_7684.JPG

1. Organization & Planning

As you might be able to guess, #1 on my list was organization & planning. There are so many things I want to do this year, before I could even think of what I wanted to do I had to make sure I had a way to make sure I could do it. By creating my own planner I was able to ensure I wasn’t double booking, I could plan ahead for events and projects, post everyday, and most importantly that I didn’t forget! (My singularly most annoying and worst personal trait, a BAD memory!) Although I made sure to put the planner together as soon as I could, remembering to use it has been another issue altogether. Appointments are fine but finances have been a challenge, particularly small daily purchases like coffee.

2. 36,000 Facebook Followers

I feel like this could be a bit of controversial goal as it’s so hard to really put value on numbers in social media. You might have lots of followers but little engagement, and if I’m not engaging my followers then I feel I’m not really doing my job as an agvocate in helping grow and create a community atmosphere. However, my first year working with Facebook as my primary platform I managed to reach 12, 000 followers. I was beyond stoked at all the positive feedback and support from the community (you guys are amazing! Totally my favourites!) & I want to stay ambitious. I’d love to double that first year progress as the more people who follow, the more who are likely to share and help inspire others to see the opportunity in agriculture!

3. Engage & Support

Building off of Resolution #2, I want to put more emphasis on engaging people! Whether this means local events *hint hint*, focusing on more sharable posts,  and supporting young, new, and female farmers! In particular I want this resolution to include a specific project I’ve had in mind for a while, a video supporting the various women who are connected to the agriculture industry. I want it to be fun, sassy, and really speak to the women who feel like they’re not ‘man enough’ to be a farmer. (Because we all know that’s poop!) Second project this entails in increasing my outreach to schools and doing presentations with my day old chicks. I’d love to grow this not only in the number of schools served but in the services offered, so not only will I be doing presentations, but I’ll be able to leave classes with eggs & incubators, garden kits, or aquaponics kits to prolong their engagement and learning!

4. Improve Photography Skills

Last year I bought a relatively decent camera, used it a couple times but fell back into the habit of predominantly using my phone due to portability and convenience. So while the tools are important I also think fine-tuning my mind set to recognize and frame great shots will go a long way as well. Last year I signed up for a yearly membership with Skill Share and hope to schedule in weekly ‘classes’.

5. Start Youtube

Part of me really wanted to make this resolution ‘Get a professional laptop & start youtube’. Mainly because while Snapchat & Instagram have been my go-to for quick, in-the-moment videos I would really like to be able to product quality videos that are longer than 10 seconds, and learn how to edit them myself. However, with today’s technology and the number of apps available I’m sure this can still be managed with a run-off-the-mill desktop. (yes, I am THAT old school!!)

6. Do more style posts.

The main focus of this blog has always been as a bridge between the two main interest in my life, farm & design/fashion. I’d love to incorporate more original content, style oriented posts to help inspire and connect with other country enthusiasts! because let’s face it, cowboy boots will never go out of style!

7. Read More.

Up until now all of my resolutions and goals for this year have been career/blog based. Which is great except it doesn’t leave a lot of room for the soul. You are what you eat… or in this case read, learn, and share.  The best way to learn, to find things worth sharing with others is to simply read. So this year I want to read more; more blogs, more news, more Ag-Magazines, more books!

8. Learn French.

I’ve had this app, Duolingo for forever! But I could never seem to keep up with the training schedule  I gave myself for more than a week at a time. I really want need to get back into the habit of practicing a little bit everyday and gradually getting better. It’s incredibly humbling when my daughter is in a completely French school & I can barely read the teacher hand-outs!

9. Exercise More, Ride More.

I’m putting these two together because, although some might disagree, I think or rather, like to think riding counts as exercise. Quite often I’ll end up jogging beside as the horse warms up for the first 2km, then riding the rest of the way. Two issues… I hate the cold so riding and exercising outdoors in the winter is unequivocally out. Second, I was sick for pretty much the month of January so I kept putting off creating a workout schedule (a task for this weekend maybe?). Those P90X DVD’s are accumulating dust and that bikini body won’t be ready for summer if I don’t start soon!

10. Find Zen

I guess all of these goals, dreams and resolutions ultimately come together into one ultimate idea for this year; to find Zen. Through all the chaos and stress of life it’s so easy to loose touch with one’s ‘self’. I know, I know, “Anna, you’re getting all hippy dippy again” but it’s so true! A lot has happened and I want to have such confidence in who I am as a person and my decisions  that I can maintain calm in my day to day. Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually! Farming will always be full of surprises, some welcome and some not so much, but finding that quiet strength inside yourself is invaluable in getting through life’s challenges.


So there they are, my goals, dreams & aspirations for 2017! I can’t wait to see what this year has in store for me, and to see what I can do! Life is what you make if it, what will you create?



Monday Inspiration

ONE//’The Farmer’ Superbowl Commercial

From the 2013 hit ‘So God Made a Farmer’ to this year’s 2017 ‘The Farmer’, I love when agriculture not only finds its way into big advertisements, but knocks all other competition out of the park! This commercial literally gives me chills! <3


A touchy subject within agriculture, this in the very least is an intriguing article looking into traceability and where it is headed. I, myself, am in favour of traceability efforts as a means of marketing and expanding customer education & knowledge. One ingenious ice cream shop has taken advantage of these traceability techniques to optimally market their products, here! Somewhat related, another interesting article on transport regulations being integrated in Canada to better compliment those of our trading partners. Comparing the two and seeing how they compliment/contrast is pretty neat & I’m interested to see how both end up evolving.

THREE//Bill Nye on Netflix

Geeking out!! My dad was a huge fan often referencing the all knowing ‘Bill Nye the Science Guy’ while helping on numerous school projects when I was a kid. I absolutely love how he’s always brought science into mainstream media and think the agvocacy industry might learn a thing or two! ;P

FOUR//Harry Potter Festival

From left to right: Keara Flood, Alice Wilson, Maya Wilson, Anik Watson and Megan Furlong at the festival in Goderich last October. They came to Goderich from Stratford dressed as their favourite Harry Potter characters to experience what it’d be like to live in the world of the famous books for a day. (Darryl Coote/Postmedia Network)

I grew up reading the Harry Potter books, and as a matter of fact just finished re-watching all the movies with the family. So not only do I love the theme of the festival but I love how unique the idea is and how much support and engagement they are receiving from their community!

FIVE//John Deere Battery Powered Tractor

Highlighted on, John Deere has revealed a battery powered tractor capable of generating 402 hp! This says a lot not only about where vehicles and technology is going, but farming and agriculture as a whole. Advancements like this get me really excited, and I can’t wait to see how the model is innovated and improved upon to meet farming demands. What do you think, will this ever become mainstream?!

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DIY Yearly Planner

Between working on a dairy farm, raising my own chicks, helping out with my local Ag Society + all of the extra projects I always seem to have on the go (including helping out with house renos!) I finally came to the realization that I need to become more organized! I’ve always managed to make things work, but sometimes with more stress than would be needed should I have had a proper planner appropriate for the type of work that I do.

New Years Resolution #1: Create a Planner.

Displaying IMG_7677.JPG

Now, seeing as how it’s already the New Year (ok, maybe a little bit past!) I really didn’t have time, or want, to wait around for shipping. My local Chapters is normally a pretty good bet, but nothing really spoke to me. I’ve NEVER found a planner that ticks all of the boxes but with a little work I was able to piece one together myself. I found a relatively good planner template available to print for free from Designer Blogs Studio.

Pro Tip: Highlighters can be your best friend while organizing different types of appointments!

Displaying IMG_7684.JPG

It includes yearly and monthly finance trackers, Month by Month personal and blog calendars, a page for your yearly goals, and a great page for daily to do lists. I love this last one in particular because I love being able too have separate pages for appointments & to do’s, and the weekly and monthly calendars are great for a quick glance vs detailed time allotment. Although they do have a weekly planner included in the package I didn’t find it detailed enough for me so instead I created my own custom format from

Side Projects?

No problem! Side projects (such as upcoming fundraisers *hint) get their own calendars, post planners, and to do lists tucked into the inside binder pockets. This helps keep everything categorized while still ensuring its organized, together, and that all schedules are cohesive.

How do you stay organized?




Tuesday Inspiration

Running a little late this week so maybe some Tuesday Inspiration?

ONE//Canada’s Agriculture Day Feb 16th

“Every link in the food production chain – from the farm to the grocery store and restaurant – plays a vital role in bringing food to your table every day,” said Mackay, whose group organized the summit. “Canada’s Agriculture Day is an opportunity to get involved, celebrate and be a part of the conversation about food and farming.” Agriculture More Than Ever

TWO//Bringing the Farm into the Classroom

Christa Wright and Maureen Foley of Agriculture in the Classroom NL run the program Little Green Thumbs, that connects kids with farmers.

A program out in Newfoundland and Labrador is helping bring farming into the classroom by providing various kits, such as indoor gardens and vermicomposting! I’m absolutely in love with this program as a way of expanding my own services as I tour local schools with my day-old chicks. What a great idea and an awesome way to leave something behind for the students to continue learning with! For another very neat way one school has incorporated farming into its structure, check out the video here!

THREE//Turning the Farm into a Classroom

Turns out bringing the farm into the classroom isn’t the only option trending at the moment. Another option includes turning the farm itself into a classroom. Alberta’s government have created a program enabling Gr 10-12 students to earn up to 16 credits working, and learning, on farms as part of their Green Certificate Program.

FOUR//Last Chance for Growing Forward 2

Description of this image follows.

If you’re a producer with an upcoming farm project this is for you! This intensive program offers workshops and guides to help farmers improve the many different aspects of their business and operation. Deadlines are Feb 3-23rd. April 4-18th, and May 12-June 1st!


The FCC came out with a great little article with the term ‘Poultryponics’ as they delved into a new project created by Agri-Arctic & Polar Egg Inc. This project aims to created a circular system in which chicken waste is used to as nutrition for their vertical hydroponics system. Love this coined term and it reminded me of a Youtube video I came across a couple years ago, as shown above. Love the ingenuity!  One step further, bringing aquaponics into the classroom, here!

Who will you inspire?

Monday Inspiration

ONE//Office Planning

My biggest obsession this week is planning a new upstairs office space. The challenges: 1)Slopped ceilings 3) Must serve as an office, library AND a spare bedroom 3)No closet. Loving the idea of diy cubbies for the lower walls to increase storage, white and pastels to keep it airy and open but add in colour, and a sectional sofa bed that can act as both a seating area as well as guest sleeping when needed! For more office inspired pictures check out my ‘House’ board on Pinterest!

TWO//DIY Inspiration

This was a fun little side street I let myself get carried away on while exploring Pinterest for office inspiration. Challenge #4 of the upstairs office room, there is no light fixture! This means that any light in the room is currently limited to plug-in lamps, and the window isn’t all that big either with no space to enlarge it due to the roof.  Brainstorming, I came up with what I think is an awesome idea for a boho/gypsy styled dream catcher chandelier. With antlers, and touches of pearl, crystal, and flowers, this chandelier would also have battery-powered led string or ‘fairy’ lights intertwined in it. It might be a few more months until I actually get started on it, but I’m absolutely obsessed with this idea!

THREE// Ottawa Hosting the Global 4-H Summit

If you’re in Ottawa and looking for something to do this summer, why not attend or even volunteer at the Global 4-H Summit?! Finally something a little closer to home, I can’t wait. This comes at exactly the same time as I start looking at registering my daughter with a few of the local clubs, and as the FCC increases its support for young farmers by doubling the amount of credit available from $500,000 to $1 million, and lowering the possible minimum down payment to 20 per cent of the value of the loan which supports the purchase or improvement of farmland and buildings.

FOUR//Canadian Young Farmer Forum

Another conference close to home and being hosted in Ottawa, the Canadian Young Farmers Forum!

FIVE//An Article on Blairs.Ag Cattle Company

You have to care for other people more than yourself,” Kevin Blair says. “You have to live that, and have high expectations for people and not hold them back.”

An awesome, well articulated article interviewing owner of Blairs.Ag Cattle Company, Kevin Blair. Overall a great read but some of my absolute favourite snippets:

  1. “Learning from your own mistakes is one thing, but learning from tough times and traumatic events beyond your control … is just as important.”
  2. “You only have to make seven out of 10 decisions right. The challenge is how you deal with that on a day-to-day basis…It’s okay to be wrong, but you want to make sure that you control your misses.”
  3. “Aspire to make a difference, Be a better me and Create an environment for others to succeed.”

How will you inspire others today?


A Year in Reflection

I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to sit down & write for the New Year. Looking forward I have so many ideas, so many opportunities, and so many directions in which I can go. This next year feels so limitless, and this past year so tumultuous. When I sat down I found I was at a loss for words as I tried and put these feelings to paper, trying to form coherent thoughts. So, to try and make it a little easier on myself, I’ve broken the post down into two parts. 1)Review & Reflection & 2)Planning Ahead.

This past year has been, to say the very least… pivotal.

This Year;

I transitioned from an office job into a government position with Statistics Canada. I went to Disneyland. I had my 1 year Facebook-Anniversary & I reached 12,000 followers on the same day! My government contract ended and I returned to the farm full-time to better pursue my career in agriculture. I hosted the Farmers of Canada twitter account for the second time. I attended the 2016 Eastern Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference, and the DeLaval PROductivity Tour during the 50th World Dairy Expo. I was asked to attend & speak at the Ontario Young Farmers Forum in Toronto. I ended a 3 year employment at one dairy farm, to pursue a greater opportunities at another. I raised and sold my own meat chickens. I toured local schools giving presentations on agriculture and allowing the children to interact with the chicks. I returned back to the family farm, and I started a new position within my local agricultural society.

So many adventures! So many opportunities to travel, to meet new people, and to share my love for farming and agriculture!

There were also a few  I think that’s part of what makes it so hard for me to really organize my thoughts into a particular perspective in which to view the past year. This year had me continuously pushing myself, for good and bad. While I strove to focus on the positive, that very act made me guilty of, at times, putting on a brave face. I tend to keep my personal life fairly private, to shelter my friends and family from unneeded stress & to really make agriculture and farming the focus of my work; but for the first time in my life I lost women I had trusted and counted on as friends. One because I trusted her based on pressure from others, the other because I refused to listen to the warnings of friends. A person’s actions will always show how they view you, and unfortunately you often don’t realize until after they act. At the same time the exact passion that had been driving me to work so hard also became a factor of stress in my personal relationship. The time, dedication, energy, and publicity required to do what I love started to overwhelm, drain, and add to frayed nerves. While he too had his own stress factors and issues to deal with, there were moments when we really had to decide what we wanted, and I as an individual had to decide how exactly I went about pursuing my passions without it taking away from those who are as equally important to me.

Now I know all this got really intense really quick, there’s a lot of personal details I don’t normally share, but before I could move forward I felt like I really had to be able to put this past year behind me, and to get stronger & better from there! This year has shaped how I view my friendships, my relationship, my business, as well as myself, my capabilities, and my future. I am so thankful for this past year, the experiences that have continued to build who I am, and the people who have touched my life & friends and family who continuously show me what it is to feel loved.

And of course, thank YOU!! Thank you for your positivity and support, because without my readers and followers this past year wouldn’t have been possible!!

Monday Inspiration

ONE//Happy New Year

My first post since the New Year so a little bit of a flash back! Happy 2017 ;P ! I’m still trying to find get some solid footing and really get into gear for the new year; surprisingly, it takes good bit of effort to find time to be able to sit down, review the past year, and come up with some solid goals and steps for the next 365 days! In the mean time though, I came across a great article on being a great human here. Some food for thought while I contemplate where I want to go in 2017, how I want to get there, and what kind of person I want to be when I finally arrive!

TWO//#Christmasonthefarm & Ugly Farm Christmas Sweaters

Now that the crazy that is the holidays has passed I feel like I’m finally able to look back and appreciate the effort and ingenuity farmers have put forth this year! My phone is full of inspiring photos and, no joke, a plan for Christmas decorating has already made its way on the calendar for next year!

THREE//Ontario Young Farmers Forum 2016

Another little throwback to the Ontario Young Farmers Forum I attended back towards the end of November. A short article by on the event, here. Despite a quick trip to the emerg room the night before I hoped on the train and made my way down to Toronto, and as it turns out it was well worth the trip! I was sick and unable to attend much of the extra-curriculars in the evenings but that didn’t prevent me from thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to not only learn and network, but to also present on the use of social media! I couldn’t encourage attendance to this event enough; surrounding yourself with other young farmers and being able to connect and receive support from your peers is invaluable!

FOUR//Unicorn Makeup Brushes

My inner princess is absolutely head over heals for these unicorn horn themed brushes!!! At $74 Canadian they are hands down going on the wishlist for next Christmas! Check them out here.

FIVE//Heartland Season 11

I grew up reading these books & I’m sad to say it took me longer than it should have to check out the tv show. Now that I have though, I’m hooked!! I’m only on season 3 but I’m totally stoked to try and catch up! Being able to compare the old vs new seasons, how much has actor Amber Marshal grown?! Love our Canadian Girl!

How will you inspire others today?

Monday Inspiration

ONE//3D Printers

I’ve been moderately obsessed with 3D printers for a couple of weeks now. I’m horrible at drawing on physical paper, so it’s interesting how you can bring art to life digitally. Did you know they can even make these ‘sculptures’ out of chocolate?! Whaaat?! In love!


Ok ok, so a lot of video inspiration this week! In this case I gave into my nerdy side & seriously loved this online game trailer! No idea what the game is about, and to be honest I probably won’t go any further than admiring their trailer, but adored the graphics and creature characters!

THREE//The Canadian Farm Learning Centre

Retiring Farmer

Still exploring the site a bit & getting familiar with the courses they offer but from what I can tell so far I think it has the potential to be a great resource! When Kemptville College shut down in the Ottawa area it took a lot of opportunities away from young farmers looking to get a formal education, and as I begin looking for new avenues of education these online options open up some very welcome doors!

FOUR//Temple Grandin

Image result for temple grandin hbo

I feel like I’m so behind in watching this! I’ve known of this woman and her work in slaughter houses, and I can recognize her visually but I had no idea about her life story or was exactly that all entailed. I totally teared when she put herself in the cattle chute to calm herself, when she went through her ‘door’, when she praised her mother in raising her to manage her autism… let’s just say multiple tear moments. One of the best movies/documentaries I’ve seen in a while!

FIVE//Foodies Kill Their Food

WARNING: Do NOT watch at work or if you have a weak stomach! While I’m not a vegetarian by any means I do place a high emphasis on respecting the life of all living things. I love how this short video placed such a high importance on an animals life, but still made no excuses for the fact that they were raised to be food. Even as a farmer though, I teared up. With my chickens sent to the butcher just last week I know how hard it is to take responsibility for the decision to end an animals life & it’s not something to be taken lightly. What are the chances that I happened to watch this & the documentary on Temple Grandin at the same time?!

Who will you inspire?


Monday Inspiration

ONE//Dairy Farmers of Canada New Logo

Dairy Farmers of Canada has taken the step in redesigning their logo in efforts to merge their business logo and the ‘100% Canadian Blue Cow’ logo. I’m going to miss the ‘Blue Cow’ but I can appreciate where they’re coming from a business stand point and I have to say, they did a good job!

TWO//BuzzFeed Vegan for 30 Days

I want to do this. Yes, I know it sounds ridiculous and why on earth would a livestock farmer ever want to become the very people trying to put them out of business. 1. I think in today’s day and age understanding is a factor that’s seriously lacking in society. 2. Nothing will ever stay the same except for the fact that things will always change.

As farmers we need to understand those to oppose us and what we do, because only when we truly understand where they’re coming from and have the ability to show that we’re trying to be empathetic so their concerns are we ever going to reach a happy medium. Who knows, maybe the world is destined to become vegan in some far off future… maybe not. But we’ll never stay ahead of the curve if we’re constantly digging in our feet and refusing to try something new. A new perspective can change everything, and when you connect with people it can make you a better farmer, a better business manager, and a better person.

THREE//Pinterest, Neutral Kitchen 


I’ve recently been helping out with some renovations and the house has officially been gutted! Let me tell you, it’s intimidating at having such a blank slate with so much potential for things to go horribly wrong. Pinterest to the rescue!! Absolutely loving these neutral options, an awesome way to stay clean and classic! Check out more on my Pinterest page/’House’ Board!

FOUR// 2-1-4-3 Disruptive Thinking & Business Planning


Loving Aiden Connolly’s recent article on Linkedin readdressing how we approach strategic business planning. An astounding point of view that really makes you re-evaluate how you approach goal planning. “Disruptive thinking leads to opportunities and the potential for exponential growth.” I find that this can apply to so much more than just business, but life goals overall as well! Great work!

Five//Swimmable Mermaid Tails!!

Obsession #1: Farming. Obsession #2: Mermaids. I ever win the lottery I’ll have first farm with it’s own personal mermaid grotto. True Story <3

Who will you inspire?