Paris Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2015 Recap


Whoa, how crazy have things been lately?! Fashion Month is over, but as always it went out with flair. Paris pulled out it’s usual stops, plus a few moments that have to be immortalized!

Best Collections:

Best Collections

(1 & 2) Atsuro Tayama (3 & 4) Aganovich (5 & 6) Valentin Yudashkin

Aganovich made my top favs again this year with the amazing construction and versatility in his necklines, while it was the sleeves that really grabbed me with Atsuro Tayama! Last but not least was Valentin Yudashkin with almost a dark-forest vibe. Loved it, especially the deer accents!


Although I try and keep it to a top 3, a special shout out has to go to Moncler Gamme Rouge for their equestrian styled collection!

Best Show:

PicMonkey Collage3

(1) Anrealage (2) Manish Arora (3) Maison Margiela (4) Vivienne Westwood

Paris Fashion Week Show

(5) Undercover (6) Givenchy (7) Olympia (8) Valentino

Was this Paris Fashion Week or Circe Du Soleil?! Paris was once again a whirlwind of showmanship & surpassed themselves as they embraced their enthusiasm for the odd, the quirky, and the gorgeous. Vivienne Westwood was of course, a favourite, while Givenchy and Manish of course gained some spotlight with their eye catching details. However, I really loved how Anrealage played with the ‘spotlight’ with variances in colours, and highlights. This takes a real creative genius! Perhaps the most hype was the appearance of Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson who walked the runway as Derek Zoolander and Hansel under Valentino as a promotion for the second movie of the series that is due to be released in February 2016.

Best Pieces:

Best Pieces

(1) Celine (2) Issey Miyake (3) Alexander McQueen (4) Pascal Millet (5) Lanvin

Cute. Original. Fantastical Whimsy. Gorgeous Elegance. Fierce Accessory.

These are the sum of my love for these pieces. Each is so different and yet, they bring to the table something that evokes such strong emotions that they create a connection with their aura & character. Ok, maybe a little over-stated but I quite honestly couldn’t stop obsessing over these pieces! Did you know that fox shirt also comes in hare & weasel?! Ahhhh! And that McQueen Dress?! Gasp!



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