Paris 2015 Fashion Week Recap

I thought New York Fashion Week was amazing… in comes Paris, the mother of all fashion weeks!

My Highlight tends to be the collection that wowed me the most… obviously. But Olympia Le Tan‘s SS15 collection was so much more than that! Literally, every single outfit that came down the runway made me love it more and more. The equestrian-prep vibes are everywhere and I couldn’t get enough of it!


Favourite Shows: Undercover, Junya Watanabe, Vivienne Westwood

Fun facts about a couple of these shows… Vivienne Westwood did 2!! collections for SS15, and Undercover is A-Mazing …#justsaying.

Favourite Collections: Alexis Mabille, Aganovich, Manish Arora

Aganovich had such an inspired collection, you could honestly feel how much of his soul and heart went into it. Then he comes out for his encore dressed as … a British butcher? Yes! Alexis Mabille was by far the most wearable however and Manish… well … (due to my nonexistent experience!) I couldn’t decide which kind of drug it made me feel like I was on. <3

Favourite Pieces:


Jean Paul Gaultier, what were you thinking with that soccer ball jacket? Cow spots totally match crazy sexy redneck waaay better! Would have gone perfectly with Kini’s Soccer Ball dress from Project Runway’s Season 13’s 11th Episode.


6d571d214a1c14f6d2384a43493dbd7dGivenchy does Gladiator Chic? Yes please!



 This was by far one of the most memorable dresses from all of the Fashion Weeks combined. Iris van Herpen does an amazing 3D dress (Which I’ve dubbed the Jellyfish Dress) that is interesting, whimsical, and beyond inspiring.

Each fashion week seemed to have it’s own atmosphere, an undercurrent that told you everyone was on the same page but still in their own. Paris, for me, screamed versatility and empowerment! It was about the show just as much as it was about the collection and made sure to engage its audience with the unexpected. Well Done!


 What was your favourite Fashion Week?



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