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So last Wednesday I posted about how to make a cheap wood backdrop to your flat lays, but as with any photography a little editing is usually necessary to help fine tune some of the details. A quick cheat sheet to some of my favourite photo editing apps that I love & have come to use on a regular basis.

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1. Photofy

My primary use for this app (& one that I’m trying to get better at remembering to do!) is the ease in which you can add ‘stickers’ to your photos. The best use for this is adding your tags to your photos, so that no matter who saves your photo there will always be that portion referencing back to you and crediting your work. This is so important when you’re creating content intended for sharing, and something I constantly forget to do!


Besides adding my tags & logos to all of my photos Polarr is by far my favourite and most used photo editing app. You’re able to create your own filters and it has so many editing options. By far the most useful and if you were ever to spend money on an app this would be it!



I’m still exploring this app a little bit, but I’m really digging their filter options that they have available.

4. Lighroom

This one I find a little bit harder to use, it does have more of a learning curve; but like Polarr it has an amazing set of editing options.

5. Photoshop Fix

I did want to mention Photoshop fix specifically for it’s ‘healing’ edit option. You can easily edit out object that are perhaps a little obtrusive in your photo, such as the pimple that somehow cropped up in the past 20 minutes since the last photo you took?!?! Couple taps & you’re good to go! As much as I do support photos that portray women in a real light, let’s be honest. When you’re posting pictures to social media where it could be seen by anyone… let’s put our best, non-pubescent looking acne-free face forwards shall we ;P

So whether you’re just trying to tweak the lighting a smidge for that professional look, or you’re going for that glamour glow and airbrushed look I hope that I’ve given a few solid stepping stones to work off of and have saved you a little time digging around trying to find them. I can’t wait to see what you create!

Love & Hugs! xoxo.


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  1. Really I’m glad to see this awesome photo editing apps all app is great.
    Currently I’m using KrojamSoft PhotoViewerPro which also great.
    Thanks for sharing!!!

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