Pur Minerals Review

I’ve been experimenting with a  couple new products lately, primarily because I’m trying to find something that will work with my recently problematic skin. Between sporadic oiliness, extreme dryness, and sub dermal acne I’ve been racing through my mind trying to figure out what could have triggered such a change in my skin. I’ve narrowed it down to A) My caffeine intake has increased exponentially over the past two years + B) I started working at the dairy farm on a daily basis.

To try and correct this I’ve more or less cut caffeine out of my diet in coffee, pops, and chocolate. Second, I focused on improving my cleaning routine. However, with the warmer weather slowly encroaching I began to feel as if my MAC Makeup, while very good in quality, was also quite heavy on my skin. So I made a switch to Pur Minerals to see how I liked it.


I decided to try the Pur Mineral CC Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 40 Foundation, and their Balancing Act Oil Control Powder. I cheated a bit and continued to use my MAC concealer for the sole reason that I’d just bought it 😛 This is my total face prep in the mornings, and it is so easy! 15 minutes to even skin tone, hide blemishes, & accent the eyes is all you really need!


Here are my before photos.


And After.

Obviously  a much more even skin tone, great texture & coverage and my skin still felt amazing afterwards. I will admit it took about a week for my skin to adjust to the new makeup. Right after I switched my skin became unbearably dry and flakey, particularly on the nose and brow region. However, I persevered and after a  week my skin was back to normal. You can absolutely tell that Pur Minerals is a lighter formula, and while I found wear time was about average as with other foundations & B/C creams it really continues to let your skin breathe throughout the day. + moisturizing and offers a moderate amount of sun protection. I was satisfied with both products but I think I would like to try their 4-in-1 Pressed Mineral Powder Foundation just to try and get a smidge more coverage on those rougher days. 😛

The online reviews for Pur Minerals seem to be pretty steady in the 4-4.5/5 range and I would tend to agree. I’d place the CC Cream at  a 3.5/5 as it was a fair product, I was satisfied with it and would recommend it however it simply matched other products instead of going above & beyond. I was slightly more impressed with the Blancing Act Powder and would put it at 4/5 with great blending power! I hope this helps anyone looking into mineral makeups & encourages you to make that switch that best suits your skin!


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