On My Radar This Week

Nothing major happened this week that wasn’t unplanned… finished up moving some of the last boxes, a little unpacking, and finally bought a little 02 Mazda Protégé. Bragging moment (every woman is entitled to brag about her man just a little!): Scott moved the trampoline & the rest of the boxes for me with a buddy, after telling me to take Miss B. out with her friend to the movies…. *swoon* can you say THE perfect man?! Literally.

So instead of talking about my boring life this week what I really wanted to do is share some of the things that flew across my radar this weekend.

The Best Popcorn Ever!


No exaggeration, I bought a bag and ate the whole thing in about 20 minutes! It was perfect because I felt like chips for a salty snack but I didn’t want that ‘garbage’ feeling afterwards & the other popcorn just felt too ‘thick’ with all the powdering flavours… welcome Orville’s Sweet & Salty. My new go to that has totally replaced chips for munchies!



Ok, so anyone who’s ever rollerbladed has to have had the thought that ‘this would be so much easier with a dog pulling me’. Throw in a Canadian winter & a couple cowboys with too much time on their hands and you have Skijoring! How did I not know this existed?! Beats being thrown & dragged through the snow!

Computer Desktop Organizer


What a fantastic idea & it tied in perfectly for my Resolution to get organized! (yes, I’m still trying to stick to it!) It’s simple & great for us visual people!

LiveScribe Pen


Also tying in with organization, the LiveScribe pen that you can write with on paper & it will then take those same notes & sync them up with your IPad. That way, if you’re like me and love the readition method of writing on paper but are also horribly unorganized and always end up loosing those notes, you have a backup! This is SO going on my wish-list!

Strange Magic

Strange Magic Movie

I was so excited to go and see this movie with Miss. B that when she got invited to go with a friend I immediately invited myself to attend with her. I have to say… it could have been done better. The trailer is a little misleading, it’s got a great frame work of characters, a good plot line with some awesome ideas but the execution was shoddy. It lacked flow that made the connection with the characters seem forced & it neglected to tell you it was really a 60’s musical on acid in disguise. My summary: It was ok, but it was definitely ‘Strange’; wait for it to be released on dvd.

To top it all off this week is the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week! Stay Tuned!

yupWhat flew across your radar this week that got you pumped?


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