Road Trips; Finding yourself.

Well, Hey There Petals! Miss me?

As per usual, life has seemingly taken control of the whirlwind that is my life and threw me a couple curve balls I wasn’t expecting. One thing led to another and a full mental break down ensued. Who ever said life is pretty, I need a pair of those rose coloured glasses you got going… & a shot of whatever’s in that flask! There is one thing I’ve learned over the course of my brief 24 years though and that is, when all else fails… call Dad. His prescribed medicine? A vacation. Time to go on a road trip!

When you start to loose your center, feel like you’re no longer headed in any specific direction, and you just feel so darn lost the best solution is to GET LOST!

 Get out of town,  get away from routine, get away from ordinary, STOP expecting or hoping for someone to come bail you out, and just loose yourself in the present moment!

I knew the only way I was going to settle my nerves was by the seaside; BC was a little far away for my time & budgetary constraints, and Nova Scotia still had 3-ft of snow at that point, so 3-days and a quick Google search later I was on my way to Newport, Rhode Island! I won’t lie, I chose a horrible season to be a tourist. A snow storm followed me 8 1/2 hours right down the coastline, snowed out my Horseback Trail Ride, it never came above -3 Degrees Celsius as I weathered two overnights in my car (An inch of frost found its way into the INSIDE of the car one night! Thank goodness for my obsession with ridiculous amounts of blankets!), it was overcast, windy, and my one other activity, a seal watching boat tour turned south as the boat’s transmission blew pulling into the docks! & it was still so perfect & exactly what I needed.


After it was determined the boat tour was not going to happen, the entire group of people who had been scheduled were given passes to instead go to a small local aquarium run by Save The Bay. I was so disappointed to not be able to make it out on the water, and after 8 hours of driving to get there the whole trip just felt like such a flop. But I gave myself an ultimatum; I had come this far, and I was NOT going to let this negativity get the best of me! So I was going to shake off this self pity, I was going to go to the aquarium, walk the beach, go see the lighthouse & harbour, all of these things I had come here to do, and then if I decided to go home early after that… well, then that would be OK! It was not only about pushing myself, but about accepting my emotions & listening to myself as well. Safe to say, I loved the aquarium! It is a small location, its tanks filled with sea creatures found in the bays directly off the Newport coast, and geared solely towards education and conservation with the animals being released after they have been there for a couple months and/or outgrow their tanks.

Wonderful animals, amazing & welcoming staff, and fantastic public engagement!


The wind and cold apparently made for the best surfing conditions… no tourists & great waves! I know Canadians are often given credit for being tough, but these guys really took the cake on this one! Sure I was walking around in a sweater & light jacket for 20 minutes, but these guys were rocking the waves for hours! This one Gent. politely played along with my request for a picture (I needed proof these people were crazy enough to go in the water!) but the best part was that conversation was nearly impossible because his jaw was physically frozen shut! What?!

Rhode Island

Despite the rain I managed to grab an umbrella from a vendor & take a stroll through the brick market place, take a tour around town & check out a couple of the harbours. It is certainly a tourist town and I can just imagine the bustle that comes with the summer months, & the nautical atmosphere permeates nearly every aspect of living there. I did decide to leave early for the simple fact that I didn’t want to be rushing home. The best part coming home was having the time to stop and take pictures of abandoned homes & barns along the way. I was so shocked at how common they were, and can’t imagine leaving such amazing structures to fall apart! But they added to the countryside in a way nothing else could and really spoke of the times.

17 hours of the 48 hour trip were easily spent driving, and it gave me a lot of time for some good old fashioned soul searching. Sometimes being stuck with nothing but your thoughts is the only thing that can make you confront them head on and I feel like I did just that. Relying on myself & confronting any fears I had about being a single woman travelling alone in another country really gave me back a piece of my independence I didn’t know I had let slide. With that independence came a new found sense of direction, and I knew I would have to find the initiative to take control of my own life again. It sounds simple, perhaps even common sense, but when you try and play catch up for so long trying to make other people happy sometimes it just doesn’t even occur to you to take a step back.

My take out:

If you ever need to find yourself, get lost.


Dad’s are always right.


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