A Rural Twist to a Christmas Tradition

Everyone has heard of gingerbread houses, even if you haven’t necessarily made them yourself. I’ve only ever achieved beginner status with the vague completion of a pre-made kit you assemble on your own. (I won’t lie, Miss B did most of the work herself)


But there was a recent post on my Facebook feed that I just HAD to share with everyone, especially when my sleuthing led to this:


(Top) Barn, Cowboy, Farm House (Middle) Log Cabin, Env. Friendly, Trailer (Bottom) Trailer Park, Tractor, Combine

I almost died when I first saw the combine (Bottom/Right) and a quick search lead to some of my all time favorites. The log cabin is pretty sick, the trailers are epic, but that environmentally friendly display (Middle/Center) just cracked me right up! It was completely ingenious and spot on! The combine is still at the top of the list with its creators incredible attention to detail but these have definitely given me some creative inspiration for our next foray into gingerbread architecture!

yupWhat’s your greatest gingerbread house inspiration?

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