Santa Photos- Miss B’s Style Guide

I know I already shared this photo but I couldn’t help to just do it again! Blame it on a mother’s pride but Miss.B is so picture perfect! And her outfit is so darn-tootin cute!

Christmas Photosm

Nearly all of this ensemble is thanks to Gymboree who offered incredible style and even better deals over the ‘Black Weekend’.

santa dress

Envelope Purse $7, Bracelet $3.50, Gold Flats $17.50, Red Dress $20, (Ardene) Gold Headband $2.5, Claire’s Hair Bow $3

Total: $53.50

I can’t wait to show her (& my mad shopping skills!) off at every opportunity this Christmas season! It just makes me want to go and put together a matching outfit *gasp* Potential?! (it’s only going to be ‘cool’ for so long right!)


I can’t get enough of little kids all decked out for the holidays but too often they only wear their outfits a couple times for the one year! Do you get new outfits every year or just wing it with what they have?





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