Introducing… Biebs!

Every super hero needs their sidekick, and every little girl needs her best friend. This little man lives up to it all and I think an introduction to the smallest member of our family is necessary.


Meet Biebs.

A name gained when my daughter misheard my suggestion for ‘Beans’ and instead thought I was fueling her fanatic love for Canadian shame, Justin Bieber. Oh how wrong you were baby girl, regardless the name stuck and he has become quite the endearing charmer in our family; the name seems to suit him.


3 bits about him:

1. He is a barn maul victim from the old farm dog. This seemed a traumatic experience both mentally and physically as he went from feral feline to a lap dog, and spent the second six months of his life hiding accidents… everywhere…everyday, and challenged my personal dedication to avoid the revolving door of pets that all too often occurs.

2. He’s allergic to fleas as per photo above when we discovered hair loss where he was bit… *sigh* only in our family <3

3. You can tell by the stuffed bear that he is also infinitely patient, between my affections and the attentions of a 6 year-old he has practically become a saint! He is still a cat, however, and as per stereotype seems have attached himself to the one who likes him the least… move over Scott, the kitten wants some room on the bed too! Preferably square on your chest… but the face will also do!


I’ve promised him to be our last indoor cat, but in the mean time he continues to  be an avid mouser, the best routine sink-lounger to keep you company while taking baths, and an amazing piece to our family!

Next step, Scott and I have to agree on a dog breed! Ep!


Did your pets find you or did you find them?

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