The Farm Collection TV Series- Perfect to battle the cold & heal the sick!

What’s a farm girl to do when you’re snowed in and sick?

Obsessively watch farming documentaries of course.


I am so envious of this amazing trio! They did a phenominal job recreating each farm for each specified time period, and… ugh! I can’t tell you how much I wish they were accepting volunteers to redo the series! Can I go live with the Amish for a year now? Please! I can’t get over this series and will lit. be watching it again very soon! If you order it direct from the BBC the entire collection is only $36 Pounds! You can guess what’s going on my wish list next!

My favourite of the three would have to be Wartime Farm, even though I might personally connect more so with the previous two time-eras this last one was packed with some great information. It was so exciting to see the introduction of the tractor and how it directly impacted the lives of farmers and the methods of farming.

What I loved most about this series was that they weren’t about food, or animals, or history; they were about the farm, the people, & their methods! A must see if you’re interested or just looking for an easy & interesting watch!

yupI’d love to hear about any other farming documentaries!


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