Country Chic- Style on the Farm

 Fashion: A prevailing custom or style of dress, etiquette, socializing, etc.

Style: a mode of fashion, as in dress, especially good or approved fashion; elegance; smartness

A dictionary is ‘a book giving information on particular subjects or on a particular class of words, names, or facts’… often with such concise language that it lacks in the spirit of the words themselves.

For me fashion is what you make of yourself, it’s how you create that first impression & how you present yourself to others. It is a piece of the world that you take and make your own; your own identity, your own vision, your own perspective.

This is me.


Out of all the outfits that I styled these past few weeks, as hippie-go-lucky as it may sound, I felt this outfit & these photos represented me the best. Because when it comes down to it, that’s what fashion is for, to enable our own style & encourage us to present ourselves to the world in the way that we want to. I like to think of my style as well put together, classic-casual, with neutral colours, natural materials, organic textures, a splash of colour, and a country flair.


Half my childhood scars are from some sort of farm escapade;  chasing a cat through a glass pile, a chicken through an old wood pile with rusty nails, or trying to beat up the neighbor boys. The other half are from jumping on my bed in my tutu, or squeezing my feet into figure skates that were too small to impress a boy (not even joking!). My hair either has cow slobber in it, or too much hair spray & more often than not I’ll have a full face of makeup while I’m mucking out the barn. I guess what I’m trying to get at is that you can tell so much about someone and who they are by their outward appearance. I remember once walking through the mall that I work at and over hearing two girls as they passed, glancing at me “Omgosh, she’s SO country!” I loved it.


Back to the outfit; comfort & warmth are always a must, & I’ve already slipped a collared shirt on underneath the sweater & paired with flats for my days in the office.


BlueNotes Sweater $16 ($12), BlueNotes Pants $29.50 ($16), Payless Sock Sleeves $12.99 ($8), Payless Lower East Side Raven Tall Boots $29.99 ($20)

Outfit Total: $56

*Sales prices at time of purchase factored into total

The brown hooded leather jacket was a purchase from Danier Leather two years ago for $250. I absolutely love my two jackets I’ve bought from Danier, with amazing quality that still looks brand new years later! I can’t wait for the day where I can wake up, throw on a knit sweater and walk out onto my porch to look over my fields. This outfit is just so ‘home’ to me.


What’s your fav. outfit that makes you feel like a million bucks?

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  1. I like your style. And I know what you mean about Danier jackets too. I have a green faded one and it’s a few years old. It still looks pretty good.
    I’m not country, far from it actually, but I’m starting to change. My husband is country and he’s rubbing off on me.

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