Toronto Mastercard Fashion Week Spring and Summer 2015

My first Toronto Fashion Week! After seeing what the rest of the world had to offer I was so pumped to see what Canada could offer as competition. At first, I have to say I felt the collections were … muted. There weren’t as many styling varieties as New York, not as many silhouettes as London; it didn’t have the same ‘Wow’ moments as Milan, and lacked the showmanship of Paris. Once I reviewed what had made it onto my Pinterest Board of favourites for the week however, I realized how quietly charming each of these outfits were. They spoke of a classic chicness, with a dash of trending and overall practicality; what more could speak for our Canadian spirits?

I would also really encourage the organizers of the MasterCard Toronto Fashion Show to get more on top with regards to updating their website, photos and how they share via social media. A week later and I still had to save and upload my own photos to Pinterest & some I even had to google to try and find pictures of the collections!

My Highlight would absolutely be Bustle. Their collection sang of a trendy prepster, and was for both the gentlemen, and the ladies! Complimentary outfits and pops of colour made for a playful runway and a great show! two Favourite Collections: Stephan Caras gave a great hit of gold to his collection that made it feel especially glitzy! I was surprised at how many pieces I actually liked from Madame Moje, but it was really a small wonder, they were perfectly chic & feminine! Matthew Gallagher also had some interesting pieces and textures, and looks like a great designer to keep tabs on! Favourite Pieces:

GP1_8112-3This instantly made me think of wedding dress inspiration! Mikael D

912248e9c2fe5dd7f792360b5bb60b24Just a smidge longer and it would be the perfect dress for an office party this holiday season, or absolutely any other event you could dream of! Narces


I love the look and material of this outfit! Simple, comfortable, and an earthy-ness that still feels so luxurious! Soia & Kyo

Overall I think the quiet optimism really appealed to me, and I find it encouraging to what we might find emerging from within Canadian design & style.


What do you see as Canada’s great contribution to the fashion world?

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