Tuesday Inspiration

ONE//Echo Look

I’ve tried a few style & closet organization apps, but nothing that really held my attention. It was more of a hassle trying to remember to take pics, and almost impossible to consistently get a good angle. But I kind of love the idea of the Echo Look, a stationary, voice activated camera that takes the pictures for you. This is definitely being added to the wish list, if only when I’m able to finally renovate the closet to justify the $200.

TWO// Kelly Prescott 

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Based on a casual recommendation I came across some songs from Canadian Country singer Kelly Prescott & I can’t say how much I absolutely adore her work. I’m a huge fan of everything Canadian and Country, especially local artists like Jordan Macintosh, and Brea Lawrenson but I honestly think Kelly takes the cake. Check out her Facebook page & give er a go!

THREE//Wedding Dresses

Last weekend my little sister was about to take one of the biggest risks of her life… ordering her wedding dress online without ever having tried on a single wedding dress. Ultimately I argued that it would be selfish to deny her favourite older sister the opportunity to stuff her in the biggest, puffiest, blingy-est dresses imaginable. Although it’s not ‘the one’ I absolutely adored this Vera Wang dress! It was so much fun encouraging her to find her style & try on as many dresses as possible, and amazing to see how much she’s grown and matured into becoming this amazingly beautiful bride-to-be!

FOUR//Cutest Mudding Jeep ever!

Image result for Kynsleigh mud bog truck

With Calabogie’s Spring Fever Offroading event coming up over the May/24 weekend in a next weekend I’m absolutely obsessing over this Facebook video! How cute is this?! Some how I think she pulls it off way better than anyone else ever could! <3

FIVE//Kate Spade Bags

Basset Lane ($528), Full Plume Wicker Peacock ($458), Full Plume Mint Leaf ($298),  Straw Peacock Clutch ($328)

So I miight have saved the best for last! I’m absolutely head over heels for this seasons new bags from Kate Spade. They’re the perfect mix of western, whimsy & class! (As always!) Almost everything I own eventually ends up spending overnights in the car or in the barn at some point so I have a hard time justifying the price; but Kate has a solution for that too!

Make it Mine Candace Purse ($398), Bow Wrap ($148), Reversible Leather Wrap ($98)

Welcome the ‘Candace’; your standard daily use purse that incorporates interchangeable wraps to refresh your look without having to purchase a new bag! Something to keep in mind for a little later this summer?

Who will you inspire?

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