Monday Inspiration

What a crazy couple of weeks, it’s been sooo busy! I try not to get too hung up if I miss posting for a week but it’s about time we got things back on track!

First off, I’d like to welcome all of the new followers to this site. Social media are my dominant platforms but this past week there has been so many new subscribers. So welcome and thank you for choosing to share this blog with me! Mondays are usually my ‘zen’ days as per my New Years Resolutions, days where I focus on what I love, what’s exciting , and what’s catching my interest this week!


ONE//Pop of colour in the Kitchenaid

House renos are coming apace and with the kitchen nearing completion I’m absolutely obsessing over this Pistachio Green Kitchenaid mixer. It matches the room’s accent wall perfectly, and after using my mothers mixer a few times for cakes lately I totally see how useful they are when trying to wrangle fondant, cake batter & whipped cream!

TWO//Make Your Cake & Eat it Too

Speaking of cakes, these past few weeks I’ve been swimming in batter! Between a cake for the Ag society, a friend’s Stag & Doe, and the Carleton Jr. Farmer’s Alumni Dance I think I may have found a new hobby! I’m hoping to do a more detailed post on the decoration process the next opportunity I have to make one of these, but I have to say Amazon was an absolute necessity. Even a few studious trips into town didn’t come up with the things needed to make these cakes. The Buck & Doe were the perfect touch to the ‘log’ layer of the stag & doe cake, made possible only with the use of a silicone Bark Mold and a few amazing YouTube tutorials!


So I know it’s a little early but I’m absolutely crushing on these red cowboy boots for Canada Day! Canada’s big 150 is coming up and I really want to celebrate in style ;P ! Best part, Shepler’s has them on sale right now for $53! The last pair I got like this a while back were pretty good for what you paid for them and lasted a year with the heel wearing down faster than the leather!

FOUR//Mother’s Day Photoshoot

What started off as innocent window shopping turned into a full fledged obsession this past week. Touring around Children’s Place & I found these shirts, ‘I got it…‘ & ‘Style Icon‘, and turns out I somehow magically fit into the largest child’s size (Yusss!!). Instant Mother’s Day inspiration and quickly grabbed two ‘I got it’s’ for my daughter & I, and custom ordered a copy of ‘Style Icon’ for my mother from etsy for a 3-generation photoshoot! How stinkin cute is that?! Make sure to check out my Pinterest Board for more Mother’s Day photoshoot poses and ideas!

FIVE//Remember your goals!


April has officially come which means: 1.Quarterly Year Review & 2. I not have exactly 2 months to get a bikini body by summer. So, I’m reviewing my New Years Resolutions & crunching down on one in particular, Fitness!! I’ve started with some P90X workout videos I already had, but to be honest they kind of kill any motivation I had to work out in the first place. They are an hour to an hour and a half long!! Who has that kind of time?! Maybe great for a weekend workout but my attention span doesn’t last that long apparently and half way through I’m pulling out a beer. So, based on a recommendation from a friend I purchased the BeachBody Country Heat kit for $50 which incorporated line dancing into a kick ass workout. Yes Please!! Throw in a $25 PIYO workout dvd set (Pilates & Yoga), & I finally feel confident I’m ready for summer!

Who will you inspire?

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