Want to fall in Love? Do This: A Blog Experiment

Whoa, I’ve had such a hard time thinking of a way to introduce this post.

What is Love?

The ancient Roman Lupercalia, the Egyptians Feast of Nut, the Christian St. Brigid’s Day & Candelmas, or the Gaelic Imbolc… are all holidays that occur during the beginning of February and center around perhaps our most basic human emotion, Love. Over time, they have slowly evolved into our modern  Valentine’s Day.

Countless hours have been spent in the shower; pondering life, thinking about love, reliving heartbreak. We may never know exactly what love is but one scientist, Arthur Aron from Stony Brook, NY has gone about trying to find the how of it. He came up with an experiment for the ‘Generation of Interpersonal Closeness’ testing the ‘development of a close relationship among peers’ through ‘sustained, escalating, reciprocal, personalistic, self-disclosure’.

Ie. How to fall in love in 36 questions.

(Suddenly I feel a lot better about my own run on sentences!)  Between my innate romanticism & my curiosity into the scientific I was absolutely enamored with this idea. There are so many recent links revolving around strangers and falling in love (Strangers kissing on youtube etc.) However, my first thought wasn’t about strangers, it was about the people I already love. I already have so many important people in my life that are quite simply …irreplaceable; which got me thinking… Can I increase the intimacy in the relationships I already have? Who else am I trying to connect with in my life? Writer Ms. Catron did her own experiment based on Arthur’s study, and the results were quietly encouraging.

So here it is… for the next three weeks I’m going to do an experiment. I’m going to try and increase the intimacy in the most important relationships I already have, and I’m going to try & connect more with you, my readers! I’ve a feeling it’s going to be a hilariously awkward experience.

Oh. Dear.

Love, As Always…


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