A week off, a week late

Whoa, does life move fast! I blink and already it’s been two weeks, I’ve missed posts, I’m only half way through my Christmas shopping, and family holiday plans are still half baked. All this, and I even got a week off from my city job (not to mention its just days until Christmas!).

So the other week I got to revisit my life as a stay at home mom, turns out one of the cleaners forgot to turn off a faucet on the floor above us and with an entire weekend to ‘sit’ running by the time Monday rolls around our office had turned into a water park. I’m sure it’s beyond frustrating for my boss, what with all the paperwork, insurance, and organization of construction but it did lead to a week and a half off of paid vacation for me (can you say Merry Christmas?!).

So what does a country girl do with an entire week off from her city job?

Why, build a barn of course!

imageI bet you thought I was joking!

My girl-friend just got the ‘barn’ (two stall & tack) in a pre-made kit then she then had to assemble herself. So once the shell was up we had to vapour barrier, insulate, and put the interior walls up. For someone who calls herself a country girl I’ve got to admit I’m not one for  power tools, E. rocked it though and definitely taught me a thing or two! Before I knew it my entire first week off was over and we managed to finish just in time!



Come week-2 and I still had a couple days off which I faithfully dedicated to the man of my life, taking him out for a movie date (did you know they will deliver a full pizza to your theatre seat?! This was my idea of romantic when both of us managed to miss dinner in our rush to get there on time! :P) picking up some small gifts for a few of our ‘couples’ friends & his family, and finally a day-long rush to put together a hand-assembled ugly Christmas sweater for him when my shopping trip had revealed that all the local stores had sold out! In November! Check out this Wednesday’s post to see how it came out! (I promise, you’ll absolutely adore it!)


I had so much fun these past two weeks from getting to be a ‘stay-at-home mom’ again, lunch dates with Miss. B, evenings baking, getting our Christmas tree up, and getting ready for the holidays. It was a good time to refresh with the promise of going back to work at the end of it all keeping me sane because lets face it, deep down I’m a creature of routine & staying at home isn’t always as easy (or productive!) as you might think!


What are you doing with your time off this holiday season?

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