Weekends in the Country

Despite the commotion of the past month we finally found some time to destress! There is always something to do in the country and we started it off with a few weekend ideas; a relaxing fishing trip, followed by ice cream & a peek in at the St. Albert Cheese Factory.


It was exactly what I needed, just a little quality time with the lovelies of my life. Finishing the day off was a quick road trip for a family dinner at Shoeless Joe’s. If you ever get the chance to check them out I would recommend them, their brochette is phenomenal, and their Braised Beef Burger with the pretzel bun… omgosh, literally one of the best burgers of my life! No bird-sized portions either!


I also got a crash course on hockey, not only sitting down and actually watching a game for the first time ever, but watching my 2nd and 3rd too! Best part, I finally got to put on the Jersey my mom got me when I was 12… & it still fit?! Coupled with a pool party where losers get thrown in, I’m glad I was on the winning side for that one (and lucky I wasn’t disowned as a Canadian for never having seen a game before!). Second game was followed by a bonfire with friends, while the third was followed by this at literally the last second …

Right after I asked my man “Why is there no goalie in the net?”

Oh well, at least I can still don my Vancouver T-shirt! Maybe next year I’ll have to get a bit more into it!

Until then lovelies!



  1. I’ve heard about the St.Albert Cheese Factory, that they make the best cheese curds for poutine! And that Braised Beef Burger at Shoeless Joe’s sounds yummy.

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