How #WeLiveMilk




June 1st may be World Milk Day, but last week at the World Dairy Expo I was living milk every day! This is most likely the reason why DeLaval’s new #WeLiveMilk campaign resonated so much with me. Every moment at the Expo I was surrounded by exhibitors featuring everything from feed and nutrition to barns and milking equipment. Not to mention the cow shows, food vendors (ice cream to grilled cheese to deep fried cheese curds). Thousands of people whose very livelihoods relied on the dairy industry either through ownership or employment were there.

Love these girls!

The place was a constant buzz of excitement, and it wasn’t hard to get caught up in the high energy, especially at the DeLaval booth. I loved seeing visitors  get the chance to record on camera how exactly they lived milk. Some were owners, some herd managers. Some had never set foot in a barn but it was that bowl of cereal or glass of milk that connected them to dairy. One such visitor was a herd manager who had convinced her friends to come along. It was the perfect way to “live milk”, by inviting her friends and engaging them in her dairy experience.

According to DeLaval, that’s the exact point of  the #WeLiveMilk campaign. to encourage people to share their stories about their passion for milk.

Which got me thinking, how exactly do I “live milk”?

I ‘live milk’ by sharing. By sharing the love I have for agriculture, I represent it with the honesty, integrity, and transparency that is vital to its continuing growth. By sharing, we not only educate but we engage, and somewhere along the way, hopefully, inspire. If #WeLiveMilk and share that experience, we might just be able to change someone’s perspective; and changing someone’s perspective can change everything.


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