Who’s Country on Twitter?

With all the new & different types of technology hitting the Ag industry over the past few years it’s no wonder that social media has slowly started seeping into the lives of farmers as well. Many are embracing it as a way to show the ins & outs of our daily lives, our routines on the farm, as well as the occasional fluffy baby farm animal! I find twitter to be the perfect social outlet when I want to keep up with the goings on but simply don’t have the time to sit down and read through my emails. This happens to be the case quite often, so while I’m bottle feeding a calf, or waiting for a mix I can pull out my phone and scroll through the day & here are my Twitter Top 5 To Follow that are all things country!

1. K2 Brothers– Twin brothers from South Africa that promote health, *ahem* good looks, & farming. They do great work with physical fitness and fashion promotion but (& I swear I’m not lying, as much as I enjoy pool side pics!) my favourite tweets are the ones showing these two ‘mainstreams’ keeping in touch with their roots & keeping their heads grounded with work on the farm. It shows that great balance between the two lifestyles that I’m all about! k2 2. Jen Christie– Speaking of South Africa, my second fav, Jen Christie, recently did a tour of African farming and even did a few posts about it on her blog, Savvy Farmgirl.  She is a fellow Ontario-an? and her posts are always informative and she has a great view on a lot of issues! I absolutely love seeing strong women in agriculture, and learning how we can contribute best in an ever diversifying industry. Jen Christie   2. Pink Tractor– Farm Strong, Woman Smart. What a great way to describe this feed! They do tend to keep women at the forefront, but their heart is centered on the farm. They manage to bring these two passions together with a fantastic positive attitude, and an amazing sense of humor! PinkTractor 4. Cristen– As I go down this list I’m starting to realize just how many women are involved in farming, and how active they are in promoting it! The women that help make up this list, are amazing, independent women you can really look to for their positivity and inspiration! On her feed you’ll see Cristen’s pride in her farm and her family, and I love to see the work she’s doing with both! Cristen 5. JLazyS– Ok, so this tweet may not have been one of her best but I just had to use it, so funny! I can totally relate! Just another woman to admire for her strength and personality, and it really makes her a great agvocate because she is never scared to voice her opinion & will never apologize or waver from it! Not to mention her amazing photography that she shares! LazyS

So these are my favourites, but some other great people to follow include the Peterson Brothers, Vanessa at NesFarm, Louise Carduner,

Adam Henson, & Paula from Perth.

& if you’re not already, check out some of these larger companies like The Western Producer, Farmers of Canada, Young Agrarians, AgChat, Ag More Than Ever, Farms.com, & Modern Farmer.

I am so grateful to be part of a world where people are so connected, as well as a worldwide community that at the same time, hasn’t forgotten their rural roots. It’s all about Twitter, Country & Farming! & we have so many personalities on the farm, I guarantee you’ll find something interesting!


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