A Year in Reflection

I can’t count how many times I’ve tried to sit down & write for the New Year. Looking forward I have so many ideas, so many opportunities, and so many directions in which I can go. This next year feels so limitless, and this past year so tumultuous. When I sat down I found I was at a loss for words as I tried and put these feelings to paper, trying to form coherent thoughts. So, to try and make it a little easier on myself, I’ve broken the post down into two parts. 1)Review & Reflection & 2)Planning Ahead.

This past year has been, to say the very least… pivotal.

This Year;

I transitioned from an office job into a government position with Statistics Canada. I went to Disneyland. I had my 1 year Facebook-Anniversary & I reached 12,000 followers on the same day! My government contract ended and I returned to the farm full-time to better pursue my career in agriculture. I hosted the Farmers of Canada twitter account for the second time. I attended the 2016 Eastern Advancing Women in Agriculture Conference, and the DeLaval PROductivity Tour during the 50th World Dairy Expo. I was asked to attend & speak at the Ontario Young Farmers Forum in Toronto. I ended a 3 year employment at one dairy farm, to pursue a greater opportunities at another. I raised and sold my own meat chickens. I toured local schools giving presentations on agriculture and allowing the children to interact with the chicks. I returned back to the family farm, and I started a new position within my local agricultural society.

So many adventures! So many opportunities to travel, to meet new people, and to share my love for farming and agriculture!

There were also a few¬† I think that’s part of what makes it so hard for me to really organize my thoughts into a particular perspective in which to view the past year. This year had me continuously pushing myself, for good and bad. While I strove to focus on the positive, that very act made me guilty of, at times, putting on a brave face. I tend to keep my personal life fairly private, to shelter my friends and family from unneeded stress & to really make agriculture and farming the focus of my work; but for the first time in my life I lost women I had trusted and counted on as friends. One because I trusted her based on pressure from others, the other because I refused to listen to the warnings of friends. A person’s actions will always show how they view you, and unfortunately you often don’t realize until after they act. At the same time the exact passion that had been driving me to work so hard also became a factor of stress in my personal relationship. The time, dedication, energy, and publicity required to do what I love started to overwhelm, drain, and add to frayed nerves. While he too had his own stress factors and issues to deal with, there were moments when we really had to decide what we wanted, and I as an individual had to decide how exactly I went about pursuing my passions without it taking away from those who are as equally important to me.

Now I know all this got really intense really quick, there’s a lot of personal details I don’t normally share, but before I could move forward I felt like I really had to be able to put this past year behind me, and to get stronger & better from there! This year has shaped how I view my friendships, my relationship, my business, as well as myself, my capabilities, and my future. I am so thankful for this past year, the experiences that have continued to build who I am, and the people who have touched my life & friends and family who continuously show me what it is to feel loved.

And of course, thank YOU!! Thank you for your positivity and support, because without my readers and followers this past year wouldn’t have been possible!!

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