Women in Ag: You’re Damn Right I’m a ‘Girl’

I am a farmer.

Most people who meet me manage to figure this out by the time I start showing them that picture of my favourite cow on my phone. But for those who only know me through a few select pictures, sometimes it’s hard to believe.

denim dress


Because I don’t LOOK like a farmer.

Because I love my dyed blonde hair; I adore the look of a french-manicure.

Because I love the smell of perfume as much as I love the smell of fresh cut hay, I can give you

48-step instructions on how to do your daily makeup application,

& because I have absolutely no problem wearing my good pair of jeans to the barn.

Being dirty has become a badge of honor in the farming community. It shows you are a hard worker, will get done what needs doing, and aren’t afraid to get shit plastered. But it’s almost as if a woman has to become a ‘man’ to prove that she is a worthy of being a farmer.


So what if you can do the job without getting dirty? Does that mean you’re any less qualified to do it?

We are farmers, and we’re in this industry because we love it. We are passionate about it. & I will support any woman, any individual, who wants to farm, whether it’s just a couple chickens in the back yard or a full scale dairy farm; & whether or not they’re wearing coveralls or their ‘city’ boots. I try not to judge.




So here’s to the women in Ag who rock the tank top!

To the women in Ag who pull off the farmers overalls!

 To the women in Ag who are willing to get knee deep in shit!

To the women in Ag who wear makeup in the barn!

Because it doesn’t matter if you wear you’re hair down while you work, or if you can walk out

of the barn without iodine stains on that good pair of good jeans.

If you are passionate about my industry, I will support you.

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